Time Theft

April 15, 2021Posted In Comic

Time Duck

April 13, 2021Posted In Comic

2008 Help

April 8, 2021Posted In Comic

Lost in Time

April 6, 2021Posted In Comic

Spooky Portal

April 1, 2021Posted In Comic

Watson Trouble

March 30, 2021Posted In Comic

Travel to the Past

March 25, 2021Posted In Comic

Counter Offer

March 23, 2021Posted In Comic

Business Hours

March 19, 2021Posted In Comic

Calm Window

March 16, 2021Posted In Comic

Home Duck

March 11, 2021Posted In Comic

Duck Teacher

March 9, 2021Posted In Comic

Park Snacks

March 4, 2021Posted In Comic

Alien Help

March 2, 2021Posted In Comic


February 23, 2021Posted In Comic

Light Creature

February 18, 2021Posted In Comic

Clam Chowder

February 16, 2021Posted In Comic

Eating Disorder

February 11, 2021Posted In Comic

Dirty Business

February 9, 2021Posted In Comic

Louis Lunch

February 8, 2021Posted In Blog

This morning I just happened to stumble upon a great, archived radio expose’ about Louis Lunch in New Haven, a national treasure, that was a good, healthy walk from my old apartment (where I was drawing comics) in New Haven. If you listen to the story below (click on the link) you’ll learn that Louis Lunch is a fourth-generation restaurant that has been making its unique burgers in its vertical, gas-powered ovens since WW I. Louis also has a strict rule that no ketchup is to be added to burgers. In fact, they have a ton of rules… and very little seating…. And, it’s great. If you have time listen to the entire story below. It’s a great, fun listen.

Of note, a company offered the Louis Family $5 million dollars a few years back for the shop: He turned them down. More recently, another company offered Grandson Louis, the current owner, $51 million dollars for the shop.
He turned them down.

Because something’s just don’t have a price.

Blame Game

February 4, 2021Posted In Comic

Fancy Robot

February 2, 2021Posted In Comic

Tough Love

January 28, 2021Posted In Comic

Ghost Bowl

January 26, 2021Posted In Comic

Crazy Muffin

January 22, 2021Posted In Comic

Snow Monster

January 19, 2021Posted In Comic


January 13, 2021Posted In Comic


January 7, 2021Posted In Comic

Mess-Bot Returns

January 6, 2021Posted In Comic

Big Tree

January 4, 2021Posted In Comic

New Year’s 2021

December 31, 2020Posted In Comic

Double Feature

December 28, 2020Posted In Comic


December 23, 2020Posted In Comic

Captain Tweet

December 21, 2020Posted In Comic

Pee Mark

December 17, 2020Posted In Comic

Little Moby

December 10, 2020Posted In Comic


December 8, 2020Posted In Comic


December 6, 2020Posted In A/V CLub

Very pleased to have finally seen David Fincher’s cinephile film “Mank” this weekend on Netflix. While a film about the penning of the “Citizen Kane” script might not be for everyone, the film is a technical marvel to behold with Oscar-worthy supporting roles across the board. I can almost certainly guarantee “Best Supporting Actress” for Amanda Seyfried, and nominations for Best Film, Director, Score, Cinematography, Editing, and Original Screenplay. The real showstopper for me was Tom Burke as Orson Welles who might, literally, be on screen for as many minutes as Boba Fett in “The Empire Strikes Back,” but the effect is exactly the same: electrifying. – That’s Hollywood!

Love Walk

December 3, 2020Posted In Comic

Slug Toast

November 24, 2020Posted In Comic

Ghost Milk

November 20, 2020Posted In Comic

Clover Walk

November 18, 2020Posted In Comic

Cat Nap

November 16, 2020Posted In Comic


November 12, 2020Posted In Comic

Sleep Cake

November 10, 2020Posted In Comic

Vote Monday

November 2, 2020Posted In Comic

Halloween 2020

October 30, 2020Posted In Comic

Spooky Pie

October 28, 2020Posted In Comic


October 23, 2020Posted In Comic

Snow Peace

October 21, 2020Posted In Comic

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