Passing Moment

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Local News

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Mr. Popular

March 20, 2019Posted In Comic

The Dogfather

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Shop Talk

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VHS Section

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Local News

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Kermit Art

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No Powers

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The Glove

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Special Relativity

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Local News

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Popping Power

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National Emergency

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Moby Coffee

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Local News

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Kondo Valentine’s

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Kid ‘n’ Pig

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Strip Pitch

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Local News

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Year of the Pig

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Mystery Lunch

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Watson, my little boy

January 29, 2019Posted In Watson Life

I’m so sad that Watson has died. It never occurred to me that it would be hard to draw the strip, or that I wouldn’t want to, once he died, but it feels that way now. I never realized how having him in the world made “drawing him” easier or seem more true, but it did. Now, when I think about drawing the character of Watson for the comic it feels strange. In fact, I haven’t even tried. I’ve been drawing comics my whole life and am glad I finally hit upon a comic strip format where I felt like I could be myself and draw how I want to draw. I literally have no idea what’s going to happen. I suspect I’m still very shaken and very sad. Watson was my little boy, which is what I always called him. I’m so sad my little boy is gone. No one will ever take his place.

Goodbye Watson

January 28, 2019Posted In Comic

Ziggy Ransom

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Local News

January 24, 2019Posted In The Art Life

Breakfast Shoe

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Ten Year Challenge

January 22, 2019Posted In The Road To Watson

There’s been a lot of this going around on Facebook lately, so I thought it might be fun to put one of these together. This is actually a picture of Watson from 2006, but it’s an older image that I had on-hand. I fudged a little bit.

MLK 2019

January 21, 2019Posted In Comic

Tidying Up

January 18, 2019Posted In Comic


January 16, 2019Posted In Comic

Watchmen PT. 1

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Watson’s Address

January 9, 2019Posted In Comic

Latte for Tartan

January 7, 2019Posted In Comic

Breakfast Buddies

January 4, 2019Posted In Comic

Back to Blah

January 2, 2019Posted In Comic

Pre-History Update

January 2, 2019Posted In The Road To Watson

I’ve been TOTALLY WRONG about how long I’ve been drawing “WATSON”.
As it turns out, I’ve been drawing Watson for 13 years, not 9.

I just found a whole bunch of old stuff that totally jogged my memory. I just realized (remembered) that I came up with the idea for the strip (exactly) on June 26, 2006 after a visit to see Hilary Price, and then submitted different versions of the strip to the syndicates in 2006 and 2008.
I have no memory of this.
I remember submitting some strips once, but I thought it was much later.

As it turns out, I even started the Watson website in 2007, but thought it was much later, too.

All this time I’ve been telling people that Watson didn’t start until October 2010 when I first got my Facebook account, but that was totally wrong.

I’m the WORST cartooning parent ever.
Sorry Watson and Fudgey.


December 31, 2018Posted In Comic

Year in Review

December 28, 2018Posted In Comic

Lamp Love

December 26, 2018Posted In Comic

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2018Posted In Comic

Soy Joy

December 21, 2018Posted In Comic

Sad Tree

December 19, 2018Posted In Comic

Business Gift

December 17, 2018Posted In Comic

Plea Deal

December 14, 2018Posted In Comic

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