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The Bowl

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The Yellow Kid

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Nurse Moby

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The Goobies

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Bowie Returns

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Classic Games

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God (Big “G”)

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Best Picture: CODA.

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Spider Watson

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Every Day

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Mess-Bot 2022

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Root Beer

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Dystopian Present

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Plug Club

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Louis Lunch

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This morning I just happened to stumble upon a great, archived radio expose’ about Louis Lunch in New Haven, a national treasure, that was a good, healthy walk from my old apartment (where I was drawing comics) in New Haven. If you listen to the story below (click on the link) you’ll learn that Louis Lunch is a fourth-generation restaurant that has been making its unique burgers in its vertical, gas-powered ovens since WW I. Louis also has a strict rule that no ketchup is to be added to burgers. In fact, they have a ton of rules… and very little seating…. And, it’s great. If you have time listen to the entire story below. It’s a great, fun listen.

Of note, a company offered the Louis Family $5 million dollars a few years back for the shop: He turned them down. More recently, another company offered Grandson Louis, the current owner, $51 million dollars for the shop.
He turned them down.

Because something’s just don’t have a price.

New Year’s Eve

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Monkey Snack

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The Collar

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Grab ‘n’ Go

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Missing You

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Healing Walk

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Future Broken

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The CIA wrote this 80s Power Ballad

November 20, 2021Posted In A/V CLub

I have discovered this amazing new podcast (which I have yet to finish) called “Wind of Change” which details how the popular 80s song of the same name – Wind of Change by the Scorpions – was actually written by the CIA to help end the Cold War. There are five episodes and as I’m writing this post I am listening to episode 2. So far, the research, production, and presentation are all tantalizing. If you’re ready for a Ridley Scott spy-game kinda film-for-your-ears THIS is the podcast for you. — It’s awesome and awesome.

You can find all you need to know HERE.

The Pinks

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BWIM Halloween

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Pumpkin Snake

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Spooky Kid

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Vampire Watson

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Monster Pumpkin

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Bone Walk

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Dianxi Xiaoge

September 19, 2021Posted In A/V CLub

I discovered Dianxi’s videos on YouTube while looking around for videos on cooking. Dianxi’s videos are amazing, sublime, and deeply soothing. In each video, Dianxi prepares a different dish, using local vegetation that she prepares and then serves it to her family. After enjoying these highly professional videos, I wasn’t a bit surprised to learn that Dianxi has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and (as one article noted) over 11 million fans worldwide. – Sometimes I have these videos on in the background just to enjoy their music and serene cooking sounds. These videos really are wonderful. For artist-types, I think these are great exemplars of someone taking pride and pleasure in performing her craft well for its own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. I have no doubt Dianxi would’ve made a great cartoonist.

Scary Mug

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Ghost Insurance

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Early Halloween

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Death Snack

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Zombie Toast

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