Virus Mask

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Couch Bones

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Lucky Kid

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Back to Work

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Louis Lunch

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This morning I just happened to turn on the radio at the right time to hear a great expose’ about Louis Lunch in New Haven, a national treasure, that was a good, healthy walk from my old apartment (where I was drawing comics) in New Haven. If you listen to the story below (click on the link) you’ll learn that Louis Lunch is a fourth-generation restaurant that has been making its unique burgers in its vertical, gas-powered ovens since WW I. Louis also has a strict rule that no ketchup is to be added to burgers. In fact, they have a ton of rules… and very little seating…. And, it’s great. If you have time listen to the entire story below. It’s a great, fun listen.

Of note, a company offered the Louis Family $5 million dollars a few years back for the shop: He turned them down. More recently, another company offered Grandson Louis, the current owner, $51 million dollars for the shop.
He turned them down.

Because something’s just don’t have a price.

Support Group

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Zen Dog

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One Year

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Climate Snacks

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Dass Walk

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Coconino Tales

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A Good Find

January 17, 2020Posted In Things I love

At some later point – in another post – I’ll tell you more about my interest in radio. I will absolutely tell you how (in high school) I used to record a radio show (that no one but me heard) in my closet on Friday nights at midnight, and how I used record hours and hours of bizarre things off the radio on the 100s of cassette tapes I now have in my basement. But, until then, let me tell you that I still love radio documentaries and how cool they sound. Unlike visual documentaries that appear on PBS, these are “sound” documentaries conceived in the invisible, that use sounds and storytelling to create a sense of narrative, time, and place. I just found this series of jazz profiles on NPR and totally love them. Based on my quick survey, there are about 60-70 shows in all. These are great to listen to at night in the dark, on walks, or in the car. The episodes I’ve already listened to are so interesting and well done. If this is your thing then these are for you. If these are NOT your thing, they may soon become so. – Click below and listen to one.
You won’t regret it.

Banana Bread

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Cotton Aliens

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Crazy Lunch

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Team Work

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Just the Same

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New Year’s 2020

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Sad Year

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Smoked Eggs

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Snoopy Help- copy

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Rise Of…

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Empire What

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Snoopy Help

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Heavy Cat

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Bond Movie

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Ghost Trailer

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Spooky Friday

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Spooky Plague

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Dog Floors

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Little Daddy

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Tired Monday

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Fatcake Coffee

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Spooky Stay

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Snowy Chat

November 6, 2019Posted In Comic

Normal Dog

November 4, 2019Posted In Comic

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