Someone Get Me Horwitz!

July 22, 2019Posted In Blog

If you’ve been following me on Facebook then you know I announced on the 22nd that I would be taking a one month break from “Watson,” Facebook, social media, and the news. –This is all true.

Unfortunately, there is no larger master-plan to the scheme. I think the longest break I’ve taken from the strip was about two weeks in January when (the real) Watson died, and that’s about it.
I think breaks can be a very good thing. Between you and me, I think the strip has been slipping a bit the past few weeks and I think it’s always a good idea to go “back to the well.” Creatively, I always like to operate with a few essential, basic premises in my mind-n-spirit vault as to what I’m doing and why, and I don’t think I’ve looked at those recipes for quite some time.

The one notion that I have considered is that, in the past, when other cartoonists have talked of “taking breaks” they frequently decide that life with no comic strip is even better than life with a comic strip; it’s like all the fun of being a cartoonist with none of the work. I have considered that possibility, but it’s not a part of my plan. I do plan to return on August 22 and am looking forward to fresh new ideas for the strip. Beyond that, I’m just enjoying my time doing all the other things I enjoy on a daily basis without the strange pressing urge to draw that next strip.

So far, it’s been grand. I’ll be sure to let you know if anything really strange happens while I’m on hiatus. Until then, just keep on enjoying all that crazy Facebook and world news. – Ugh!


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