Drop ‘Til You Shop.

September 13, 2012Posted In Comic

Drop ‘Til You Shop., WATSON by Jim Horwitz
This strip was, of course, inspired by the annual madness of Thanksgiving and the multiple days of shopping (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber-Monday, Tentacle Tuesday, Wobbly Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Fuzzy Friday) that follow it.

Nothing terribly obscure in this one, minus the obvious data that whenever Americans christen a new holiday (We haven’t had a good one since Divorced-Pet Day), they can never do so without negotiating in vast quantities of food and frivolous spending for everyone involved.

One might argue that advertisers are really the ones in control, but one could also argue that…Who smells chocolate?
Is that chocolate?
What time is it?
I need some Ranch dip. …Ranch dip smothered on ice cream.


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