Five Years Online

October 30, 2015Posted In Comic

Five Years Online, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
Although I started drawing my “Watson” comic strip in 2006, I didn’t start posting strips online until October 30, 2010. I spent a lot of time working with different ideas about the strip, trying to find the right balance between sweet and snarky. I also experimented with different ways of drawing the strip, too. From 2006-2009, my inking technique was still very elaborate (a bad habit I picked up in college), and I spent a lot of time “over-inking” early strips to make sure all my lines were crisp enough to split an atom. Over time, I realized that laboring over tiny details wasn’t as important, and how looser, “funny” lines often looked better. – When I look back at those early 2010 strips that I know think look so bad, I have a hard time remembering how the strips from 2006 or 2008 could’ve looked any worse, BUT they really did.
That said, I can’t believe how much the look of the strip of Watson had changed in the short five years it’s been online.

In 2016, Watson will celebrate 10 years since its initial inception.
It’s hard to believe how far that floppy-eared dog has really come.


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