Here’s Fudgey!

July 5, 2013Posted In Comic

This strip is all about movies in the Summer: making movies, going to movies, watching movies; loving movies. Every summer, right around now, I get in a funny mood where all I want to do is be outside at night and look at things that glow. This may be a genetic defect of mine. It may have something to do with 50s B-movies. …I can’t be sure. That said, if you’re feeling a little funny in coming days (and you’re not glowing), I would absolutely suggest going to a Drive-in, dressing your dog up like a space-alien, and/or just doing what feels right. One of the great things about being a kid, especially in the Summer, is that no creative venture, short of setting someone on fire, is ever off limits. Kids go crazy in the Summer and parents know it. They wanna be aliens. They wanna sleep under the bed. There’s a mutant-lobster in the furnace room… These are all par for the course. My advice is for you to embrace these extra-terrestrial vibes from planets beyond and just have fun. That’s what Summer’s for …Correction! — That’s what’s life’s for.


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