Incredible Growing Matzo

March 31, 2013Posted In Comic

Incredible Growing Matzo, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

This strip was inspired by a number of strange ideas. Number one (for those who can relate): the oddity of being one of the only kids at school eating a PB & J sandwich on two little scraps of dry-wall (i.e. matzo) the day after Easter. Number two: How, when you’re a kid, how everything that’s bad always gets worse just by sheer virtue of you being you. And, Number three: How anything that falls in water (when you’re a kid) automatically grows 5x its normal size, except you, your friends, or any of your pets. Originally, I think the idea for this was just about the horror of eating matzo sandwiches at school, but then turned into something a little more strange. FYI – Just in case you’re scared, matzo is actually quite delicious. It’s like a giant cracker with no flavor that tastes great with almost anything else that isn’t matzo. When you’re looking for a quick ‘n’ easy snack, I’d say matzo with anything else is the way to go. – Happy Passover!


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