September 13, 2013Posted In Comic

iSoul, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

Die-hard Watson fans will know that whenever a new Apple product comes out, I always do a strip about America’s zombie-like devotion to these products; I’m kind of a zombie, too. In previous strips there was a little kind names “Apple Kid” who always got lobotomies and strange surgeries to prove his undying devotion to Apple. In this strip some kid has made the ultimate upgrade: The iSoul, a product that replaces your real soul with some Apple thing that just compels you to shop and shop. I think most die-hard Apple fanatics have this already. — Things would be so much easier if we could just give ourselves over, completely, to Apple. Install the new iSoul and let the pain just fade away.

And, like the new iPhone 5C, this strip comes in more than one color.
Bright white and Traditional Recycled.
Both come with iTunes.

Come back soon.
iSoul, WATSON by Jim Horwitz


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