Romantic at Heart

January 18, 2013Posted In Comic

Romantic at Heart, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

The idea for this strip was inspired by something that happened to me when I was a Freshman in high school. To spare those involved I’ll keep details brief, but the story did end with my confessing (in an opaque way) my love for a girl who I had never spoken to once. As I recall, she was horrified and we never spoke (or continued to keep on not speaking) ever again. I guess the moral of the story is be careful to whom you confess you love.

I think loving (at least in concept) is great, but isn’t always the greatest thing when acted upon, as the bard has clearly shown us. I can’t say that I was the world’s most awkward teenage romantic, but I was still on the sliding scale.

While, in today’s terms, I might not have had my own highly-rated HBO TV show, I most certainly would’ve had a popular YouTube web-series with a modest cult-following.


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