So Tired. So Hungry!

March 10, 2013Posted In Comic

So Tired. So Hungry!, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

Somewhere in this strip, originally, was the spot-on idea that daylight-savings time turns everyone into zombies because they’re all so darn tired. I think the joke here, as I had intended, was that the first three kids are kind of zombie-like because they’re all really tired and, low and behold, Fudgey on the end is so tired he’s actually become a zombie. The original title for the strip was going to be “Daylight Savings Apocalypse,” but then became Daylight Cravings, as you you can see. I had also considered “The Waking Dead,” but thought it was a little to subtle. For all I know, that was a better choice. Overall, I’d say the best part of this strip (for me) was drawing the little blue veins in Fudgey’s head. – It’s the love that keeps me going.


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