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May 7, 2015Posted In Reader Shout-Outs

A big Watsoneer shout-out to Steve and Sarah who drove from Washington D.C. to Portland, Oregon, and along the way took time to pay me a visit. Sarah and Steven are both long-time readers, and all around great people. When Sarah messaged me on Facebook to say they would be passing though Saint Paul, I told them to absolutely pay me a visit. We all went out to dinner, fumbled around in the Watson studio, and had a great time.

Steve and Sarah, WATSON by Jim HorwitzSteve and Sarah in the Watson studio rummaging through old strips. Charles Schulz had that same
Snoopy phone at his desk, too. I have a direct line to: Dan Piraro, Wayno, and my high school
guidance counselor, Mr. Warts, who said I was destined to be a “raging failure.”

 HOW CAN YOU VISIT ? Provided you’re not a total psycho and give me ample warning: If you’re a Watson fan passing though Minnesota, by all means hit me up for a visit. If I’m free and you’re picking up the tab (I like pancakes, martinis, and coffee. – IN THAT ORDER…!!!), then I’ll absolutely do my best to squeeze you in. If I do get a “psycho vibe” from you, I might not invite you back to the studio, but if you wanna go crazy while we’re at iHop or Starbucks, then you go right ahead. – Just let me slip out before you take out your chainsaw.

Thanks for visiting, Sarah and Steve!
I can’t remember who picked up the bill that night, but it sure was fun.
Hope you guys are diggin’ your new life in Portland.
You guys are absolutely super-star Watsoneers!


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