Super Mouth

June 14, 2013Posted In Comic

Super Mouth, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
This strip, inspired by the upcoming “Man of Steel” is all about the world of make-believe, and how, even though anything is possible, some kids (boys) still want to hog the entire universe for themselves. In this scenario, I imagined Fudgey telling all the little kids they were going to play “Superman,” and then having Clover come dressed up as Supergirl with all her little pets as Super Chicken, Super Snake, and Super Hamster. — At this point, clearly, the thrill of being a “Super” anything would’ve been lost for Fudgey, as it would for most obnoxious boys, and he would’ve just had enough. — Some readers may find it strange that to think of a gag – especially in a strip as “strange” as mine that I would take the time, or need to, think about things in this manner, BUT I do. More than just “gag strip” which could be about any guy who goes to work or “…a thing that happens,” my strip is about how people (kids) feel in certain situations – more than just physical comedy – and understanding how they got to that place is always important for me to feel like the joke makes sense to me. — Again, some readers don’t always get these jokes or know where I’m coming from, BUT those who do totally dig ’em. “Watson” is an acquired taste; but I’m perfectly happy to cook for those who’ll join me at my table. Drawing the strip for my loyal readers is still a great thrill.


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