The Hole Year ‘Round

July 29, 2013Posted In Comic

The Hole Year ‘Round, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
This strip is about the seasonal (and literal!) “middle” of Summer. Although calendars and astrological charts frequently align, most would agree there’s a point when most school kids think “Oh crap! I can already see September. What the hell have I done with my summer?” I think it would probably be much easier to have your wake-up call be a tumble into a big squishy pit, BUT we’d probably need a lot of pits; parking-wise, I just don’t see it as a possibility.  – Bottom line, Summer – like all good things – does have a beginning, middle, and end. Try to make each day count. Enjoy the weather. Drink your silly iced latte’ with extra squirts, and just LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! — And, keep an eye out for the “middle.” It’s always hungry.


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