The W-Files

June 24, 2013Posted In Comic

The W-Files, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
This strip was inspired by a number of ideas, but I fear it may just be as simple as thinking about Drive-Ins in the summer time. In this instance, I believe I was thinking about monster movies, and corn fields, and flashlights, and it all ended with this. — A little spaceship making crop circles in Watson’s fur. Maybe Watson fell asleep outside. Maybe he was chewing a bone out by the corn. Not sure. …The lighting on this was really fun to do. I have no regrets about this strip. Call it weird. Cringe because there are no word balloons or punchlines. Coming from the mouth of the artist, this is my sense of humor to a T. — If it leaves you feeling cold, alien abduction lines begin right behind the little Tonka truck.


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