Think Like a Tree

November 16, 2012Posted In Comic

Think Like a Tree, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

I thought of the idea for this strip while standing in the crowd at a Magnetic Fields concert. In case you’re not familiar with them, the Magnetic Fields are a delightful, Byronic-esque band whose songs focus on relationships, break-ups, back-stabbing, betrayal, and appeal to people who wear black pajamas in an non-ironic way. They’re most famous for their 4-CD collection “69 Love Songs,” which I’ve had a wonderful relationship with since September 13, 2002.

All I can say about this strip is that it came from a creative place of fearlessness. I was standing in the crowd rubbing elbows with all these groovy people, and thought “What kind of ‘Watson’ strip would someone who likes The Magnetic Fields write?” The idea for this strip probably emanated from a much more clear-headed way of thinking than I’m used to; it was purely emotional. I’ll try to come back to this sort of thing in the future.


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