Vegan Shark

September 9, 2013Posted In Comic

Vegan Shark, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
Today’s strip was inspired by my good pal, Dan Piraro, creator of the excellent comic strip “Bizarro,” and a few conversations we’ve had on the topic of not eating anything that has a face, better known as “Veganism.” Dan’s been a vegan for many years and has kind of got me interested in exploring  a bit more. While I do enjoy the taste of several non-vegan things, I can certainly appreciate the brutality of eating something that can’t say “Hey, don’t eat me” back. When I was a little kid my older brothers used to dress me up in 5o lbs. of hockey pads and set me up as the basement goalie, all taking turns cracking plastic hockey pucks at me head. If I’d been a vegan maybe they would’ve stopped. …Or, something like that. — What was I saying?


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