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November 29, 2016Posted In Blog

Walk the Carpet, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

Every so often, as I venture out of my wee dungeon, I’m called upon to “mix it up” in public, do interviews, and zing out a few Watson-doodles on old ladies’ white leather purses. When it’s time for such things to happen, it’s always good to have a few publicity shots in the can, so everyone knows where to find you and what kind of shticky styling-gel you use in your hair.

Although I spend most days dressed like a hideous creature from “Planet Sweatpants from Dirty Hamper X,” I do own at least one blazer, and know to always insert my left leg first. The wonderful and stylish photo above was taken by my dear friend, Kyndell Harkness, who is a top-notch photo-journalist in my hometown. She does amazing things with her photos at every turn, and I’m so very glad she was the photographer on this wonderful photo-shoot.

Some day, you may even see one of these hanging in your local Dairy Queen…
“Loud Mouth Jerk: BANNED FOR LIFE.”

Walk the Carpet, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

(Picture of the Dairy Queen in Wilmette, IL. – A  favorite hang-out for all kids.)


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