Wow in the World

October 18, 2017Posted In Blog

Wow in the World, WATSON by Jim HorwitzThere was a great article I read over the weekend about a new push by broadcasters to create more (and better) kid-centered podcasts. Not only does this allow kids to use their imaginations more, but it also gets them away from the TV and their electronic screens. One of our new favorite shows here at home is a podcast called “Wow in the World” that teaches kids about Science through all kinds of exciting stories and tidbits. I’ve been a big fan of radio (and Old Time Radio shows) since I was in my early teens, and am glad there’s a new revitalized interest in people listening to well-produced stories on the radio. In addition to “Wow in the World” we also like the adventure mystery show “Eleanor Amplified,” which is something of a kids’ serial show. That, too, is also very fun and exciting. Hope some you looking for a little fun check them out.


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