March 22, 2013Posted In Comic

, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
This strip is a little unusual for a “Watson” strip in that it doesn’t feature any of the regular Watson characters. I thought about this, briefly, when drawing this strip, but then decided I wouldn’t worry. There are a number of strips who occasionally take a break from their usual fare to introduce alternate perspectives/ adventures, so I thought I might grant myself a pass on this one. At the time, I remember thinking this idea was very funny and probably worth a spin. It may not make into any collections and may ultimately be forgotten, but it was certainly a fun experiment. Of note, while I don’t usually like to use a lot of special effects when making the strip, I think the last two panels here are a little more fancy (and blurry) then I like to get. That, too, was a bit of a cheat but for a strip like this it’s okay. – Some early feedback I’m getting seems to indicate that “Watson” fans seem to prefer traditional “Watson” strips more. — I never would’ve guessed. …How swell.


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