Out of Touch

March 18, 2013Posted In Comic

Out of Touch, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

The idea for this strip, I think, is pretty central to one of the main themes of “Watson,” which is what the Good Haven kids know and why. If you haven’t noticed (yet) there are no parents in “Watson” and it’s a deliberate choice. As a comic strip “Watson” is meant to be fun and enjoyable, but I occasionally think about some of the larger issues I’m trying to touch on, and one them is certainly how kids go about navigating themselves in today’s busy world. In the strip, the kids only have each other to learn from and occasionally get things wrong. While it’s fun to laugh at the funny things they do and say, I think it’s also good think about what “Watson” is telling us about how we live and what example we set for others, especially kids.


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