Competition in Art is Poison for the Soul

July 5, 2018Posted In Art and Craft

Competition in Art is Poison for the Soul, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
The best things that happen in Art are between the creator and the art piece. When things go well it can feel like falling in love or finding something beautiful in nature. That bond that the artist creates with the work is an experience that only that artist can feel.

In the art world, there’s a great emphasis on exposure, fame, and money.  There’s a belief that adding these things on top of the art is like adding a love potion to the experience you’ve already created, that somehow these elements will make your love for the art deeper. This is something that many artists agonize over. Over time, this obsessive focus on competition, exposure, and status can start to over shadow the very essence of the art itself. It becomes like a dark sticky tar that gets poured over something beautiful.

Competition in art is like poison for the soul.
This kind of thinking will only lead to heartache.

To free yourself from this trap you must return to the basic premise of your art.
Each artist has a different story to tell.
Each artist has different work to do.
The best thing you can do for your art is to be true to yourself and your inspirations.
Make art that you find compelling, inspirational, and joyful, and embrace the experience it creates.
Do this and your art will continue to grow and feed your soul.
Do this and you’ll never fall out of love.


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