David Lynch is back!

May 12, 2020Posted In A/V CLub

David Lynch is back!, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

After many years on hiatus, David Lynch has started doing his strange, daily weather reports from his home office. Although I’m a bit late to the game (2000s and not the 1990s) I’ve become a great fan of David Lynch and what he stands for. Lynch is a dyed-in-the-wool believer in the power of art, the art life (as he calls it), coffee, and meditation. Since discovering Lynch and his work a few years ago, I have a renewed appreciation for all these interests, and try to sprinkle a little Lynchian goodness into my daily life as best I can. – Below you will find some video clips of his early weather reports, a current weather report, a David Lynch coffee commercial, and a video on David’s transcendental meditation work, which he loves just as much as he loves coffee. Lynch credits this form of meditation as shaping the success of life life and his career. He loves it so much he even started a foundation to help spread the word. To that point, he also created his own brand of coffee as well! – Enjoy!


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