More Snow

April 19, 2013Posted In Comic

More Snow, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
Today’s “Watson” is all about the icky snow that just won’t leave us be. After several Spring strips there’s just more snow. While I try to mix-up my topics a bit from week-to-week, I know everyone in the Mid-West is feeling kinda blue about the latest winter storm, and just wanted to toss this one out the have some fun. On the creative end, the new “experimental” style of getting business done is still holdin’ strong and opening new doors. This strip took about 15 min to ink (going slowly sans penciling) and turned out just fine. Clearly, I’ll never get as much crazy detail as I did using my uber-boring, Rain Man-style, but the light, fluffy clouds that enter my studio while drawing this way are well worth the trade-off. Over time, I’m sure I’ll grow into my new hippie shoes. Overall, another satisfying turn. No problems here… Just snow.


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