Spring Fever

April 12, 2013Posted In Comic

Spring Fever, WATSON by Jim Horwitz
After my previous strip of quick, zippy lines I’ve returned to a bit more structure. This strip took a little more time to draw: a return to my old method of doing things, but was still a bit quicker. I’m perfectly content to share my creative thoughts with my readers, as I find this kind of discussion is something of a rarity for features of this type, and it’s usually that “behind the scenes” info that fans enjoy most. I’m not sure where my “fast line” style will join hands with my previous tidy rendering. My original style is very controlled and sharp, but it takes a great, long while and tends to rob the strip of much of its energy. Readers may not notice, but I always do. Now that I’ve opened this door, I suspect I’ll have to continue on through. My style’s sure to evolve and my gags, as well. It’s a fitting new sprig for this time of year. We’ll see how things evolve and grow. Although Lemondrop seems to think Spring is truly here, Fudgey seems to think more cold’s a possibility. I tend to agree with both. Things will be warming and growing, but we should all be prepared for a bit of bite as well. That seems fine with me. Maybe a little bit of both is what we need to get to where we’re going. Hope for the best but keep the scarf on. – I’m cool with that.


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