The Gary Larson Feud

June 17, 2018Posted In The Gary Larson Feud

LAST UPDATED July 11, 2018

Just dropped off the computer to Tom-The-Computer-Guy. (See video at the very bottom).
Hope to have it back soon.

LAST UPDATED July 9, 2018

As if life wasn’t confusing enough, my computer’s video card failed (for good) on Monday and I am without a computer to color my strip once more. In the delightful video below, although my darling child suggests contacting Gary Larson to “arrange” another loaner computer until mine is fixed, we all know that is absolutely not an option AND we all know why. – At present, my computer is in the shop and should be back in a week. Enjoy some of the recent Gary updates below.

The “feud” with Gary is still ongoing.
There are no new updates at this time.



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