Pre-History Update

January 2, 2019Posted In The Road To Watson

I’ve been TOTALLY WRONG about how long I’ve been drawing “WATSON”.
As it turns out, I’ve been drawing Watson for 13 years, not 9.

I just found a whole bunch of old stuff that totally jogged my memory. I just realized (remembered) that I came up with the idea for the strip (exactly) on June 26, 2006 after a visit to see Hilary Price, and then submitted different versions of the strip to the syndicates in 2006 and 2008.
I have no memory of this.
I remember submitting some strips once, but I thought it was much later.

As it turns out, I even started the Watson website in 2007, but thought it was much later, too.

All this time I’ve been telling people that Watson didn’t start until October 2010 when I first got my Facebook account, but that was totally wrong.

I’m the WORST cartooning parent ever.
Sorry Watson and Fudgey.


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