Early Education

March 28, 2018Posted In The Road To Watson

Early Education, WATSON by Jim HorwitzAs a kid, there was very little information for me out in the world on how to “become” a cartoonist.
Sure, you could look at comic collections to see how characters looked, but that was about it.
In 1988, CBS ran this Garfield 10th birthday special, which I taped on our VCR off the television.
In a matter on hours this TV show became my Bible.
I, literally, watched this show every day for weeks and weeks.
Not only did I get see Jim Davis drawing, but I also got to see the faces of the other professional cartoonists who were my heroes. Whenever I’m in the company of other cartoonists I always think back to this video and how lucky I am to be where I am. — Being a cartoonist was 110% my dream as a kid.
I wake up and feel lucky every day.

(You can see Mike Peters, Dik Browne, and Lynn Johnston by scrolling to 30:46 in the timeline)


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