Don’t Wait for Your Famous Stories

July 3, 2018Posted In The Art Life

Don’t Wait for Your Famous Stories, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

In the past when I’ve done interviews or talked to younger, aspiring artists there’s always a lot of discussion on “getting there” and how life, real life, is some how on hold until you “get there.” If someone were to ask me the secret to “surviving life” or how to make “the time go by faster” until you get to where you want to be, I would say “stop waiting.” – Never wait at all.

If you spend your whole life waiting to not worry, or waiting to get a place where you know exactly what your art is or who needs to be seeing it, you’ll wait and worry yourself right to your death.

Life is full of uncertainty, and making any kind of art that’s true or real comes from making peace with that. Don’t wait for your “famous stories” to start enjoying your life or making your best art. You’re in the middle of your famous stories right now.

The secret to making art and living life fully is to appreciate the beauty of each day – the beauty of your story – and seeing the good parts for what they are. Everyone’s life has amazing and beautiful parts to it.  — It’s easy to forget that, but you shouldn’t.


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