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June 28, 2018Posted In The Art Life

The Art Life, WATSON by Jim Horwitz

One snowy night, a group of Jazz musicians were on their way to a gig when their train broke down on the tracks. Rather than waiting for the train to restart, the musicians decided to hop off with their instruments and cases, and walk to the nearby town where they were performing. As they were making their way across a snowy field, collars turned up, wind howling, they noticed a little house glowing in the distance. Through the frozen window pane, wrapped in orange light, they saw a little family in front of a fireplace, all holding hands, sitting down to dinner. Big John, the trombone player, turned to the rest of the group and said “…Must be nice. I wonder why we’re not in there.” The band leader responded “Really…? – I don’t know why they’re not out here.”


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