Pre-History Update

January 2, 2019Posted In The Road To Watson

I’ve been TOTALLY WRONG about how long I’ve been publishing “WATSON.”
As it turns out, I’ve been drawing Watson for 13 years, not 9.

I just found a whole bunch of old stuff – old website stuff and syndicate samples – that totally jogged my memory. I just remembered that I came up with the idea for the strip (exactly) on June 26, 2006 after a visit to see Hilary Price, started drawing it shortly thereafter, and then submitted different versions of the strip to the syndicates in 2006 and 2008.

I first started publishing/posting strips on the original Watson website in 2007, but thought it was a bit later, too.
Since starting the Watson website in 2007 it’s crashed and been re-built a few times, but it’s much nicer now then it ever was in the past.

I’m the WORST cartooning parent ever.
Sorry Watson and Fudgey.
You’re now much older and wiser than me.


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